Legal Experience with Personal Service

Eric R. Brown Law brings you the professionalism and experience of a large law firm with the personal touch of a small office providing personalized estate planning solutions and corporate organization structure. You  receive world-class legal expertise  with personal attention that will help you feel comfortable and confident while your legal issues are being addressed with your best interest in mind.

Affordable Solutions

With some large law firms legal services can be expensive to the point of bringing financial hardship upon their clients.  You’ve got better ways to spend your time and money.  Eric works to understand your financial budget to deliver the most cost-effective result while being a zealous advocate for you.

Personal Attention

This is not a large faceless law firm that shuffles you around, doesn’t’ return phone calls and takes forever to deliver results while charging you a fortune.  Call anytime… Eric sees himself as your personal consultant, and makes it his priority to be available to you to get you through your legal challenges. Eric works one-on-one with you in your home or business to provide individualized personal attention to determine the best plan to solve your unique situation, quickly and efficiently.

Protect Family Assets with Estate Planning

Proactive estate planning can help avoid unexpected and potentially devastating legal problems.  Proper estate planning for families and individuals, through trusts, wills, and powers of attorney, helps plan for important life issues providing peace of mind through postmortem planning and probate avoidance.

Protect Business Assets Through Incorporation

Incorporating in the way that best fits your business can save you money on taxes and protect your personal assets from legal issues stemming from your business. Eric R Brown will help you select and implement the optimal corporate structure to help you maximize your asset protection.

Contact Eric to see how you can protect all that you've worked for. It's easy and affordable and takes less time than you might guess. Call (916) 379-0431 or email today.